Heart Vomit

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m so frustrated with dating right now.  It seems like it’s much harder to make an honest connection with someone nowadays…I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a lot pickier now or that times have indeed changed.   

However, I’ve gotten better at listening to that nagging gut instinct that tells me when to hold on or let go.  The last guy I dated for a bit, he talked way too much about himself when we first met.  I had met him on OKCupid and he seemed cool through writing.  Anyway, I was kind of bored when we met in person and I didn’t think I’d see him again after that.  But, the stubborn me was like “you didn’t really give him a chance”.  So, I kept talking to him.  I figured that maybe he was nervous or something.  

We met a few more times.  He cooked dinner for me, got wine for me.  Really sweet gestures, but that nagging feeling was still there.  I learned later on that he hates Waffle House or Chick Fil A for stupid political reasons and he hates all the music that I listen to.  Polar opposite of myself. I love Chick Fil A and Waffle House.  I don’t care what those places believe in….it doesn’t affect me filling my tummy with delicious food when I’m hungry.   Anyway, the nagging gut instinct voice got louder as time went on and I finally listened to it.   But, I did love his cats.  He wasn’t a bad person…he just wasn’t for me.

So I give up on dating for the time being.  And maybe I’ll delete my OKCupid account.  I’d rather meet someone through real-life adventures than online anyway. 

MAU/BMW interview experience

So a couple weeks ago, I started the process of getting a job at BMW through MAU.  I went to MAU, filled out paperwork, and had the initial interview.  I probably spent about 15 minutes tops at MAU.  

After I passed the interview, I was given a time to take the written assessment.  This written assessment includes 100 questions and you’re given an hour to complete the test.  What’s on the test: “what would you do if…” and agree/disagree types of questions.  It’s pretty straightforward.   Only one person failed out of my group so it’s pretty easy.

When I passed the written assessment, I was given another time to do the production simulator.  Basically, you’re bolting down a panel with a power drill using the guide that tells you specifically where the bolts go and then you take them off…and then do it again until the 30 minutes run out.  The other exercise, you have to mount parts in the correct order and take them off, and do it again until the 30 minutes run out.  While you’re doing this, you got to watch for the “fork lift” light.  If you step in the pathway while the red light is on, you’re “hit” by the fork lift.  So watch out for that…  4 people failed the simulator out of my group.  

Once I passed the simulator, I was given a conditional employment offer but ONLY if I pass the physical at their medical facility.   

At the physical, my vision, breath, and hearing was tested.  I also had an EKG test.  And, they cut some of my hair for the hair follicle drug screening.  After I saw the nurse practioner, I had to go in a room for a group of exercises that basically test your strength.  This was tough for me because my arm strength isn’t all that great.  After I completed each exercise, the proctor got my heart rate.   There is also a 5 minute step test where I had to step on and off of a platform to the sound of a beat.  Not that bad…  The only thing that sucks is that they can’t tell you whether or not you passed the physical so you have to wait for a letter in the mail.

I got that letter in the mail today.  Unfortunately, I was outside of BMW’s guidelines. What those guidelines are, I don’t know…  But, it’s probably for the best that I didn’t get the job.    

If you’re currently in the job pool and reading this, good luck to you!  As for me, I’m looking for that opened door…

Love and light,