Blissful Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is my absolute favorite part of yoga.  It’s the one of few times that I feel like I’m having an out-of-body experience.  I don’t feel my physical form, only my spirit soaring above me.  It’s quite a sweet feeling!

You might be asking: what is Yoga Nidra?  It’s a state of consciousness between being awake and sleeping.  It is also said to be the deepest state of relaxation.  Yoga Nidra is done while in corpse pose–simply laying flat on your back with arms and legs spread apart.   

For me, it’s also a bit of a spiritual exploration. I remember the first time I did a Yoga Nidra in class, I was amazed that I wasn’t thinking any thoughts whatsoever because my brain is always running.  I felt like I was dreaming, yet fully aware of what’s going on around me.  It felt good to feel so relaxed without a single care in the world for a bit.  When I awoke from this state, my spirit felt revived and rejuvenated.  And even my mind was still..  Amazing!

Here’s a video that takes me to that state of being…and even takes me to Sleepyland.


Love & Light,


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