Hi, I’m Brooke (Nice to Meet You)

I’ve been seriously blogging for about a month now.  I have tried to write a blog a few times before; but usually after one post, I just stop for whatever reason.  Luckily, Greenville and its surrounding areas have given me a ton of inspiration lately so that’s why I began this blog.  I want to share the cool, unique stuff that I see.  

So far, I’ve written blog posts from the dentist’s office, the bathtub, sitting at a bar, and of course, my room.  I just go with the flow.  I start writing when an idea pops into my head and I’ll keep going until I feel like it’s finished.  

When I am home, listening to the right music is also important to me while I’m writing.  I’ve found that listening to ambient tunes, like what’s on this playlist, keep me in “the zone”.

I’ll keep this post brief for now. 🙂 

Happy Friday & thanks for reading!

Love and light,

Do you have any blogging tips for a newbie like me?  If so, please share your golden nuggets of wisdom. 

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