Gratitude Sunday Journal

On Sunday’s, I’m going to start posting the things that I’m grateful for to start the week off on the right foot… and because I love good vibes and karma.  


  • I’m grateful that my son loves me playing Minecraft with him.  It’s actually a fun game.
  • I’m grateful for the person that paid for my Starbucks this past week.  It was a nice surprise.
  • I’m grateful for my gut instinct, that never fails to let me know whether I should hold on or let go.
  • I’m grateful for the people that let me pass in front of them on busy streets.
  • I’m grateful for sunshine. Maybe soon, it will warm up a bit.
  • I’m grateful for good company.  My favorite people, Walker and Zach, at Velo Fellow always make me laugh.  
  • I’m grateful for pretty things to look at.  I’ve recently discovered that I love going to art shows.  Read more about that here.
  • I’m grateful for living close to downtown Greenville.  It really is a fun place.
  • I’m grateful for meditation because it helps.

What are you grateful for?

Thanks for reading!

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