Say Goodbye to Anxiety

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Do you ever get that faint, annoying feeling in your chest that makes it hard to you to breathe?  How about being worried over absolutely nothing and still feel like you’re on the verge of a panic attack?  Me too… 

I’ve been dealing with anxiety for as long as I can remember.  I used to just deal with these awful episodes until the feeling just went away, but I couldn’t do that to myself any longer.   So, I found ways to cope with anxiety so it wouldn’t be such a burden.  

This is what helps me:

  • Meditation!  Simply being mindful of my own breathe has done wonders for my anxiety.  Just breathe in through your nose until your chest fills up like a balloon, hold for a few seconds, and let it ALL go.   I also love listening to Tara Brach’s podcast.  She has awesome guided meditations on her channel.  Also, Madeline Rinehart’s YouTube channel is a lovely one to meditate with.
  • Taking a long bath.   Adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to the water is a great way to unwind.
  • Drinking hot chamomile tea.  
  • Putting on my favorite tunes and going for a long walk.  

What helps you deal with anxiety?

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Anxiety

  1. When you feel an anxious thought coming, please try this: watch it, but don’t judge it. Allow it to be there. This way, you are breaking the link between your thought and emotion. If you can’ allow it, that’s fine too. What’s important is that awareness is arising in you. Namaste.


  2. Focus on your breathing, breathe in, breathe out. Let that be your only thought, it empty’s your mind and gives you space for something new to emerge.


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