get’n fit

Lately, I have been working on getting more fit through the Sweat With Kayla app.  I’m currently on Week 3 and this app kicks my booty (in a good way, of course)!  A bit of my muffin top has already melted.


The Sweat With Kayla app includes 28 minute workouts, healthy recipes, and it keeps track of your progress each week.  I love it because it makes me feel more accountable each day.  There is also a very supportive and motivating #bbg community on Instagram that helps me keep going.  

As well as working out, I have been more mindful of my eating habits.  

  • I’ve stopped drinking soda.  Instead, I drink water.
  • No more mayonnaise! I started making tuna salad and egg salad with avocados.
  • No more McDonalds and other fast food places.  However, I still go to Panera Bread and get their low calorie options.  
  • Less sugar and more fruits and veggies!  Bananas have become my best friend on LISS days.  I also fell in love with making smoothies.  

This journey is pretty challenging, but nothing that requires hard work is ever easy.  I can’t wait to get a bit leaner and stronger (and wear my favorite jeans again).

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