current skincare routine + favorites

Good skincare is something that I’m pretty religious about…  There is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t wash my face and put on a facial moisturizer.  A clean and hydrated face really helps with makeup application and it just makes me feel good.

These are the products I currently use:

I wash my face with Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple one-step facial cleanser using my Clarisonic Mia 2.  This is such a gentle cleanser that doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin whatsoever.  My holy grail…

After I pat my face dry, I spritz Lush’s Tea Tree Water all over my face and gently massage it into my skin.  This does a great job with keeping my skin from getting oily.

Then, I pat a couple drops of Josie Maran’s 100% Pure Argan Oil onto my skin.  I absolutely love this stuff because it’s so moisturizing!   I also use a couple drops of it on my hair at nighttime to manage split ends.  Liquid gold…

Then, I pat a small amount of Origins’ GinZing eye cream around my eyes.  It gets rid of the puffiness around my eyes and helps me look more awake.  It also has a delicious orange scent, which I really love.

Finally, I’ve been alternating between this deluxe sample of Algenist’s Sublime Defense Anti-Aging Blurring Moisturizer and Origins GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer.   Both are really amazing moisturizers that keep my combination skin at bay all day.  I believe I’ll be getting a full size of the Algenist moisturizer once this sample runs out because I love how it mattefies my skin and covers up the fine lines around my eyes.  The Origins moisturizer does a fab job at keeping my skin hydrated and also has an orange scent.

Which skin products are you loving at the moment?

One thought on “current skincare routine + favorites

  1. I’m currently using the OCM (oil cleansing method). I cleanse my face with grapeseed oil. Then I used Thayer’s Alcohol-Free Toner. I like the Rose petal. Then I moisturize with a couple drops of grapeseed oil. I’m looking for an eye cream. I may check out the ones you mentioned.

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