spirit in the sky

This sight in the clouds has been on my mind often since I saw it as the sun was going down on New Year’s Eve.


It really looks like a shape of an Angel.  I find it kinda strange and really cool that this image appeared on New Year’s Eve of all days.

Does anyone ever see things like this?

My main experience with the spiritual realm is through music. Very specific songs will come on wherever I’m at, whether it be in my car or at Barnes & Noble, and I get a strong sense that it’s an angelic message for me.  Also, I sense a repetition of words or phrases coming from different sources and feel like it means something to me.

Or, maybe I’m a weirdo ;p

But for real, I strongly believe that God and the Universe finds crazy and unusual ways to relay messages to you when you need it.  It will be so bizarre that you wouldn’t think of it being just a coincidence.


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