Goodbye 2015


You may think that the end of a year would be an odd time to start a blog, but I’m an odd kind of girl. I suppose there isn’t a such thing as waiting for a right time to begin, so I’m just going to do it.

I tried and loved a bunch of new things in 2015 like yoga and meditation. It brings me a lot of inner peace and it’s fun. I learned how to really do my makeup, thanks to the beauty gurus on YouTube. I discovered that Gossip Girl and Star Wars are really awesome (don’t you love that combo?!)! And, I’ve been learning to love where I live while being a wanderlust. There’s so many cool things happening in the ever-growing Greenville SC…lots of yummy places to eat.

In 2016, I wish to continue with trying new things that are a bit out of my comfort zone and just really enjoy life. And, I want to take you with me…

See ya later, 2015!


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